Snug Harbor Lighthouse

I found this lighthouse while on the way to East Mantunuck State Beach. I saw it in the distance and had to find it. After driving around for a while I did find it, as seen here in this photo. This is one of my favorite photos.

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  1. Cat Melton says:

    Wow. Is the water and the sky really that color blue? This is really beautiful, Tim.

  2. teppei says:

    I like this photo. Because the viewpoint is very good. Everything locates in the good place. The colour is very clean and clear. But is there any photoshop description?

  3. admin says:

    Yeah we’ve had some really awesome days the past few weeks, to the point where I’ve been looking outside at the color of the sky thinking “was it really that blue?” but indeed it has been.

  4. admin says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by photoshop description? I didn’t use photoshop to edit the photo if that is what you mean. A little Lightroom tweaks but not like inserting a different sky etc lol. (I’m not there yet). I too love the viewpoint, it’s almost like the lighthouse and rocks are popping out.

  5. teppei says:

    Yes, I meant as you said edited by photoshop. Someone likes to earse something, change the colour etc. I donot like these jobs, I like the photo as its natural sight. I do agree your job and your point.

  6. john beyer says:

    Tim I gotta say WTG man awesome job on the pictures. So here is my question for you is there anything you can’t do?…lol… Im thinking super Tim…..

    Take Care,


  7. Barbi Tvrdik says:

    And how do we purchase this as wall art? I love lighthouses and having a Tim Linden lighthouse photo hanging above my computer here would just make my day, every day!

  8. Tim Linden says:

    Thanks Barbi! I forgot to add the buy link when I was editing the templates 😉

  9. stella hooper says:

    This is a wonderful picture. This house/lighthouse was built by my husbands uncle John. He built the lighthouse himself. The top of the light was custom made to his specs. He also wrote a book about the construction process of building the lighthouse as well as when he was a football coach. I also just receive a note card from my mother-in-law with a picture of Uncle John’s house he painted. The card is from the Gooseberry Island Gallery. Check it out if you ever return to the area. PS. the inside is just a wonderful as the outside. Of course he had a custom stair case fabricated to get to the top. He has a light but is not allowed to light it yet. Anyway your picture is great and it was a suprise to find in on the web. Drop me a line if you have any questions. Stella Hooper

  10. Lorraine Colbath says:

    I’m a lighthouse seeker. Didn’t know this one existed. Can you provide directions to the lighthouse? I will be going to East Matunuck State Beach and would like to get a pic of the lighthouse. You mentioned its on the way or near the beach. Thank you.

    Lorraine :)

  11. Terry Kline says:

    The sky & the water are really this color. My family has owned a home here for over 40 years. It is my favorite place in the world. My Aunt Bev calls it “God’s Country.”

  12. Lona Kirk says:

    My son and I walked to the edge of this property yesterday, the owner came out to chat with us, a lovely friendly woman who gave us a few details of the house. I was fascinated! We approached the house from the opposite angle but stopped once we thought we were on private property. Fascinating, beautiful! Would love to know more, what is the name of the book?

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