30 People Surfing at Point Judith

The day before Hurricane Earl is supposed to hit Rhode Island, I went to Point Judith Lighthouse in Narragansett. I counted 80 people surfing and more were continuously joining in. Here I could count 30 surfers, only one of which is actually surfing. The windy conditions were making it very sloppy, and with so many people in the water they were constantly dodging each other. Thankfully while I was there nobody collided!

4 Surfers at Point Judith

So Hurricane Earl passed and didn't do much around here, except bring out the surfers in full force. Today I counted 118! There were more around the bend too. Here you can see 4 guys trying to surf, only 1 didn't catch that wave. As I was leaving NBC10 was pulling in to see the action!

At the Fisherman's Memorial in Pt Judith there is a cross behind a large stone monument. Some flower pots are next to it, and it overlooks the ocean - most likely where fishermen want to be remembered. While 56 names of fishermen lost at sea carved in stone is nice, I really think this cross has a more personal meaning. On the other side, facing the ocean, is the nickname "Buzz" and dates 6/59 4/05.

Point Judith Lighthouse, Rhode Island

It was a rather gloomy day so I set out to drive to the coast to catch some boats, but as I found my way to Narragansett I realized the clouds off the coast weren't very gloomy at all. So I headed over to the Pt Judith Lighthouse. While driving near the lighthouse I noticed a woman walking down a dirt road, and I thought it might be a good location to get some shots from. Boy was I right! Checkout the RI Lighthouse Gallery for more.