I went out for a quick drive with Jonathan Haynes to see if we could get a nice sunset/snow photo. Here we found some interesting trees trying to follow a road to 100 Acre Pond. Unfortunately we soon realized the road on the map wasn't much of a road, but more of a construction site of sorts. I've put this in my Revisit gallery because some day when I have a wide angle lens I'd like to go back.

West Kingston Winter Sunset

I was driving through West Kingston to find a spot to take a photo of this sunrise, and I came across these train tracks. A train flew by and blew the snow into the air.. It was an incredible sight. The only problem was I waited and waited and waited and had to leave before another train was coming. You can see some of the remnants of the snow swirls near the tracks.


These trees were down a long road seemingly in the middle of nowhere. They were incredibly tall I had to photograph the car with them to show the height.