At the Fisherman's Memorial in Pt Judith there is a cross behind a large stone monument. Some flower pots are next to it, and it overlooks the ocean - most likely where fishermen want to be remembered. While 56 names of fishermen lost at sea carved in stone is nice, I really think this cross has a more personal meaning. On the other side, facing the ocean, is the nickname "Buzz" and dates 6/59 4/05.

Point Judith Lighthouse, Rhode Island

It was a rather gloomy day so I set out to drive to the coast to catch some boats, but as I found my way to Narragansett I realized the clouds off the coast weren't very gloomy at all. So I headed over to the Pt Judith Lighthouse. While driving near the lighthouse I noticed a woman walking down a dirt road, and I thought it might be a good location to get some shots from. Boy was I right! Checkout the RI Lighthouse Gallery for more.