If you are in need of a Rhode Island wedding photographer check out my recommendations below. I personally don't do weddings, but I know many wedding photographers. I'll try to keep a good list of current wedding photographers below as they each have different styles and price ranges, and if they are already booked for your date you'll need someone else!

Before choosing a photographer for your wedding it's important to know what you want. Is the wedding casual, or formal? Are you expecting perfect photos, or just looking to remember the date. You'll also want to look at the previous work of the photographer to see if they fit your style. It'll make looking back at the wedding photos more enjoyable!

Let them know RIPhoto.com sent you. Maybe they'll give you a deal. Maybe not =P They'll probably treat you as great as their other clients. I don't get anything for recommending them as wedding photographers but I know they'll be happy to hear I sent you their way!